Photography (food, landscape) and Watercolors (below). Summer Arts Camp Project (below.)

Columbia Gorge Spring
Columbia Gorge Autumn
A pub in Scotland. On-location luck.
Sexy Organic
Glistening Bartletts

Sunflower Worships Narcissus. 2017.
Pear Orchard Spring Bloom
Mt. Hood Oregon
Pumpkins Await, 2013
Near foggy Half Moon Bay, California
Desert Hot Springs, CA November, 2019
Southern Sierra Thanksgiving 2019
Solo Sunset Ride
Oregon Coast, 2018 Digital Photo

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Solo Sunset Ride
Mod/Podge transfer to canvas board + watercolor, 2018
Anza-Borrego State Park, November 2019
Watercolor 9 x 13
Vista on Vista, Desert Hot Springs, 2019
Watercolor 5 x 7
Manzanita Beach, Oregon, September 2019
watercolor 6 x 18
Yellowy Sunset, 2019
Watercolor, 4 x 6
Orangey Sunset, December 2019
Watercolor 4 x 6
Petunias, Raptor Ridge Winery, April 2019
Watercolor 9 x 13
Atlantic from Cape Cod August, 2019
watercolor 9 x 13
Looking West, 2019, watercolor 5 x 7
Original in private collection.

watercolor 5 x 5

Oregon Coast, Christmas Day, 2013
Watercolor Pencil 10 x 12
Watercolor Pencil, 2013 9 x 12
Moxey Kitty, 2013
Watercolor Pencil, 9 x 12

Story boards for a commercial. For the final production edit, please click this link. Once you’re there, click on the VIDEO icon in the far left column

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SUMMER CAMP STAFF: Visual Arts/MURAL in a Week.

Mural Panels, Acrylic, plywood 4′ x 8′
Redwood City, California, 2010
Summer Camp Arts Staff. TEAM PROJECTS
Research, Design and Execute by the campers. Group envisioning process collaboration and cooperation. Interpersonal communication
and brush work skill building.

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Portland, OR USA
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