Posters, programs, postcard mailers.
Here are a few I’ve designed, produced and delivered to various arts and political organizations.


For the climate action organization,
CONCEPT: Early rock concert tour posters.
PURPOSE: Attract students to participate.
C. Studio Schell, 2019
Another for the climate l action organization,
C. Studio Schell, 2019
Promo flyer for a fund raising event.
11 x 17 standard poster size, repeated from
program and postcard for production unity.
C. Studio Schell


4 x 6 for Half Moon Bay Shakespeare Company, full color. C. Studio Schell
Reverse side, one color.
C. Studio Schell
Full color, front. 4 x 6, Promotional for web series.
C. Studio Schell
One color, reverse.
C. Studio Schell


Front Cover, right. Back Cover, left.
Front cover, right. Back cover, left.

Week long summer camp mural project, ages 8-12.
C. 2019 hesterschellcreative
Portland, OR USA
hester dot schell at gmail dot com
Pumpkins on the Vine.
C. Studio Schell