ART MATTERS: the work

Spiraling Mantra, C.2016.
Acrylic and chalk, mixed media. 18 x 24


After many years in “higher education” where justifying the needs for quality arts education and project programming was truly unrelenting, the phrase “The arts are the eggs in the batter, not the icing on the cake,” became my calling slogan.

Essential. Important. Justified. Worthy.
The foundation of humanity, of civility.
We are expressive beings. All of us.

Can you imagine pre-school or kindergarten without arts and crafts? Of course not. So, why was cutting arts programs in middle and high school a good idea? It wasn’t, and the consequences are everywhere. Click here for RESOURCES on learning more about just how important a solid foundation in the arts is essential for brain development. I’m sure you’ve heard that studying music improves math scores. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, what about YOU?
What about adults?
Where’s your creative expression’s passion? Truth?
What’s your mission with your creative thinking?

What’s your plan to move it forward?
What’s sitting on your “back burner?”

Let’s get you unstuck. Let’s move your projects forward.

From proofing grant applications to perfecting your funding pitch, I can help mine the gold, harvest your “eggs” in the batter.” I can edit and improve what you’ve started or work “Writer for Hire.” (PayPal makes it so easy.) See the menu tab for pricing. From script review (features, shorts, plays, one acts), script co-writing, formatting, proofing, editing to brainstorming creative solutions to everyday project planning. I’m here. I’m help.
And… we can come up with a budget that works for you.
Get in touch today.

hester dot schell at gmail dot com

Share any or all the details you’re comfortable with. I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s work together, on time and within budget.

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I’ve had the privilege of teaching (film, theatre, directing, acting, dramatic literature, puppetry, physical theatre, stand-up comedy) for a variety of full time academic programs as well as vocational adult education and art school. Full CV on request.

De Anza College: Professor of Theatre/Film. Full-time, tenured.
Notre Dame de Namur University: Adjunct
St. Mary’s, Moraga: Guest Lecturer
Portland State University: Guest Artist
University of Utah: Graduate Teaching Assistantship
San Francisco State University: Guest Artist


Art Institute/San Francisco
San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking
Film Acting Bay Area
Film Arts Foundation
Portland (OR) Actors Conservatory
Theatre Workshop (Portland, OR)
Provincetown (MA) Theater

Available for lectures, workshops and presentations designed to suit your group’s needs. Flexible rates to fit your budget.

C. 2022
Portland, OR USA
hester dot schell at gmail dot com